Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.159)

Let me first start off by saying, I LOVE when this event (MIH' s "Heatwave 9.0") comes around! I'm always in shear awe of the growing volume of people that attend each year. This year was no let down (number wise that is). Folks showed up far in wide to support and continue the tradition of Brooklyn love fest/reunion of lost friends. This is the only other event besides "Rock The Block BK"(Sat. Aug. 15th) that's viewable through Goggle Earth maps! No lie, at least 3,000 plus people were out there! And if the sun didn't set, I'm sure more wouldv'e been on the way via the tweets and mass texting that "This $#1t is BANANAS!" that I'm certain you received as well as I did. I saw folks from all levels of schools I attended. Old beefs , new beefs, haters, congratulaters, one- nighters, all-nighters, never agains, Baby mommas, baby momma mommas, dead beat daddies...they ALL were out there, if you could find them among the throngs of people that is. I was unspoken "Don't f**k this up for everybody" policy about the vibe out there. And for good reason, it was a damn good look! Amongst our camp set up was stylist Groovey Lou, Alador & Smith, Silky (of Soundproof Intl), Beckenberg, DJ Hard Hittin' Harry, Raye 6, Tiff (Butch Diva), Print, DJ Self, Lyshaan Hall (the Stylistics Agency) and a bunch more enjoying the event and each others company. However on a sadder note, tons of discarded trash was left but a few disrespectful attendees that left a bad stain (pun intended) on the days event. With made the paper and I'm yes me, is getting flack for it like I was responsible just simply cause I blogged about it!?! Click HERE to read about it. When leaving the BBQ, I had noticed in the far distance an Native American Indian shaking his head, crying when he saw all the trash left! That's how I knew things were bad. You'll be hearing from Woodsy the Owl ("Give a hoot, don't pollute!") and Smokey the Bear ('Don't burn trees") via a press release about this soon, trust me. If you left your mess, you're the hot mess! You're banned next year.

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