Monday, July 6, 2009

"Not Bad Meaning Bad, But Bad Meaning GOOD!" -Two NYC Music Empires Duke It Out...You Win! Bad Boy v.s. Def Jam

One dominated and defined the 80's (Def Jam 25 yrs), the other ruled & changed the 90's (Bad Boy 16 yrs.) Both are SO Hip-Hop! Now the two will meet face to face, (or rather turntable to turntable) July 24th down in DUMBO, in a sound clash to re-gain their earned respect! If you remember last month at ReBar, things got a lil' nutty once DJ Goldfinger took over w/ the assistance of the Ahficionados! Folks lost they damn minds listening to hit after hit. Well hold on to your minds again cause we're bringing'em back to rock out for THIS one...

Friday, July 24th
Rock the Block BK presents
"Bad 2 Def" -Bad Boy v.s. Def Jam (25th anniversary)
ReBar- 475 Front St. near Jay St. & Pearl.
Music by DJ Goldfinger
the Ahficionados

and YES, other music will be played
FREE admission
Dress attire is casual but clean cut
*Save The Date* Sat. Aug 15th
"Rock the Block BK" -Urban Arts Festival & Brooklyn's Biggest Block Party

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