Monday, July 6, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.155)

My friend let me tell you, this was one for the books! I have NEVER partied that Nia LONG ever in my life! 12 straight hrs.(hence the name "BK ALL DAY") from sunset to sundown we were going in HARD. The Good; DJs Sakir, Jasmine Solano, Trauma, the Ahficinados, Will, and Goldfinger taking turns on the tables. The splendid catered food by Butterfly Prod. plus the grill jerk chicken. The cool scenic backyard deck filled to the brim with Brooklyn's most beautiful from front to back. Also the dope fashion segment Butch Diva produced. Now the Bad; the cranky neighbor that keep hassling us about the music/noise on the nosiest holiday of the year (?)! The cops (whom were cool for once) constantly checking in on the crowd, and lastly the HEAT! It was Kevin Bacon in there once the deck was done, thanks to that damn neighbor. Our folks made the best of it, but it was a real yoga class up in that piece! I bearly had time to take flicks during the "day shift" my apologise, forgive me, but I DID however manage to snap some pics at the tail end for things. Thanks to all who attended and rsvp'd for wristbands, much love. And to my team, Ngozi (Harriet's Alter Ego), Alador & Smith, Lyshaan Hall (the Stylistics Agency), Frei (Ahficionados), Silky (Soundproof Intl.) and Keith (the Breakfast Club) for pulling off what seemed impossible. And stepping up controling the pure masses (that showed up all at one time)! It was a GREAT look none the less. BK is . Catch us at the next functions, "Word, To Everything I !" a very special trial after work event @ Aspen (Tues. July 21st) or "Bad2Def" Bad Boy vs Def Jam musical salute @ Rebar (Fri.July 24th) both FREE! Then "Rock the Block BK" (Sat. Aug. 15th) Brooklyn's BIGGEST block party (tix coming soon) Thanks again & again & again all to you.

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