Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Rock The Block Gets A Lil' Heavy!"-More RTB BK Good News To Spread

Shhh, you hear that steady beat? Nah, it's NOT the sound of drums, that sound you're hearing is the sound of Heavy fans hearts beating at the announcement that the group is reuniting for a rare appearance at the event of the Summer "Rock The Block BK!" So not only will Jay-Z & B.I.G. be reunite on Sat. Aug. 15th, Heavy will be having their own as well! Wait a minute...Have you...Have you ummm even brought tix yet? WHAT!?! Well guess what, the price has drop of the ALL DAY VIP pass to a cool $20 (on-line ONLY) so take care of that like right NOW! So you won't be boo-hooing outside the doors when you can't get in. LOL. That's NEVER a good look for you. VIP gets you the concert, the fashion show, the "B.I.G. Pimpin' " B.I.G. & Jay-Z tribute, spoken word lounge AND the after party w/ DJ Goldfinger. BONG! If you CAN'T afford that homie, don't even sho' yo face round me.

Sat. Aug. 15th
"Rock the Block BK" -Brooklyn Urban Arts Festival
the Dumbo Lofts (concert) & ReBar
All Day General Admission in advance, on-line ONLY $20!
Includes RTB BK 2009 Concert & B.I.G vs. Jay-Z tribute event!

ALL fees WILL INCREASE the day of the event! There are a LIMITED AMOUNT of tickets & space available due to popular demand! So get yours EARLY!

For tickets & more info:

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