Monday, July 13, 2009

"After The Job, It's The After Party And..." -Tues. At Aspen Is The NEW Cool!

As you may as well know by now, I'm big on biggin' up my borough (Brooklyn!). But when an opportunity comes around like this I just can't pass on it! Especially if I think the folks that I know with good taste will enjoy it. Okay enough rambling, here's the deal. Next Monday & Tues. the fashion trade show(s, Project & Capsule) will be coming to town, and boy do they love to party! So I've connected with Dirty Debutantes & a few top premium brands, to do an after work/after party for them. Here's where you fit in, I've been asked to invite out all my fashionable friends to join in on the good times. Yep! Not only am I inviting you out to an exclusive FREE fashion party, there will be a Hennessy OPEN BAR action going on for TWO HRS. straight! Yes you heard right, Hennessy dawg! But ya gotta get there on time. And just WHERE is there you ask? It's one of my newest favorite spot in the city called Aspen. And just for my guest they're doing a special $30 pre-fix menu w/ drink just for you. Dope huh? You just gotta show up. It's the first of some hot "ish" that we have in store for you.

*Grand Start Up* Tues. July 21st

"Word, To Everything I !"
Aspen -30 W. 22nd St. 5th & 6th Ave.
Free Admission
Music by a rotation of NYC Best!
2 hr Open Hennessy Bar
$30 pre-fix menu w/ drinks
Happy hour 7-8pm
Dress casually mature, and fashionable.
Table requests, B'days & RSVP:
After work fashion & music industry Summer series

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