Monday, July 27, 2009

"Pulling Teeth" -WTF! Of The Week

On a visit to the local White Castle (yeah...I know, but I was hungry man) upon walking in I couldn't help but notice the usual vending machines that they have placed in the
"waiting room" section of the establishment. After I placed my order (double cheese w/clam stripes to go) I took a closer look (out of boredom) to see, what exactly were they selling? Low and behold, I was dumbfounded by what I saw. Yep, as you can plainly see pictured here, it was some damn fake gold (or platinum, if your child is ballin') "Bling Teeth!" You serious? I was both shocked, appalled, and confused to say the least. One question was "Who's raising their kid to be Lil' Jon Jr?" Two, "Who was thirsty enough for cash to lower themselves and allow their child to "model" for this?" Three, "I'm betting GOOD money that these are ONLY in the hood right?" Lastly, "Collect all 22? Ummm really!?!" They called my number and I was OUT! Now not only was I heated by the audacity of this item being sold in MY neighborhood, they gave me the WRONG damn burgers! Bastards!


Anonymous said...

WTF, yes, we REALLY want Bling teeth for a 7 year old black child, yep. Such GREAT advertising.

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said... this your child in the picture? How'd you know he was 7? Ummm, that's odd!

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