Friday, July 3, 2009

"On Pins & Needles" -Butch Diva Got Straight Fire Works! "BK ALL DAY!" Fashion Preview

Besides being a total perv, and having nothing better to do, I trekked all the out to in Sunset Park Brooklyn to Butch Diva headquarters. To witness the final fittings for her "Ms. Independence" fashion showcase for Saturdays (July 4th) big shindig "BK ALL DAY!" BBQ. Models came in like JFK flights, one by one to get poked and prodded, making sure things fit just RIGHT in all areas. I'm proud as an American to know so many beautiful women exist of some many shades in this country. "God bless America!" I think yelled out at one point (in my mind, of course) just viewing all the ASSets these young ladies are bring to the table, to make this a remarkable event. Stran ja', kudos, bon bons and all that stuff...Ice cream

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