Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.160)

Yo, seriously...I didn't think this latest venture of mine "Word, To Everything I Love!" would pop off like this! I mean, I KNEW I had a strong team of qualified people (shout out to Dirty Debutate) running the "machine" but DIZAM son! From 6pm on it was a steady strem of beautiful people walking thru the door to help support and show love for our first night there (@ Aspen-30 W. 22nd St. betwn 5th & 6th). The most comments I heard throughout the night was, "This spot is type sexy bro!" and "I'm digging the food, the mac & cheese is the truth!" Also, "Who's the DJ's? They're killin' it right now!" Thanks, thanks and thanks! I'm glad the choices we've made in choosing the venue was to you guys liking. That's VERY important to me, especially being the we'll be rocking there EVERY Tuesday (6pm-12am) after work from here on out. YES! This WILL be an every Tuesday special event, after work party for the trendsetting fashion & music industry set. Two thumbs up to the Ahficionados & DJ Mick Boogie plus Uptown magazine for helping make the 1st jump-off THEE jump-off! See ya next Tues. (July 28th) early. Say "WORD!" Peep the shameless Uptown mag pull pics below.

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