Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Say Word!" -The Sophisticated Industry After Work Returns Tues. July 21st @ Aspen

"If you can't find something you like, make it yourself" is what I always say. So when folks started asking me if I knew of any after work parties where they didn't have to feel like they had to listen to Funk Master Flex to keep up with the current radio fodder, I scratched my head and was lost for an answer. But now ask me and it's a whole different story my friend. After the successful date-auction event we held (some months ago) at Aspen (30 W.22nd St.) , a light bulb went off like "Hey, this could be the spot everyone was searching for!" Spoke to the powers that be to make things happen, and BONG! A new after work star is born, birth date Tues. July 21st, the mature alternative. Hopeful this will put an end to what we were ALL looking for! The first opening night will be the after party for a few select brands showing at the fashion trade shows Project & Capsule, so come lookin' fly! Food can be ordered at a GREAT price ($8, $20, $35 plates) too. Enjoy!

"Grand Premiere" Tues. July 21st
"Word, To Everything I

Aspen -30 W. 22nd St. 5th & 6th Ave.
Free Admission
Music by a the Ahficionados & special guest DJ Mick Boogie!
2 hr Complimentary drinks w/premium vodka brand
$8 & $20 pre-fix menu w/ drinks
Happy hour 6-9pm
Dress casually mature, and fashionable.
Table requests, B'days & RSVP:
After work fashion & music industry Summer series

Tues July 28th is the listening/signing party
for the Truth/Motown newest artist ERNIE GAINES!

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