Monday, July 20, 2009

"Dirty Harry" -Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince Review

Last week I joined the some odd millions of "Pot(ter) Head" fans to take in a viewing of the latest adventures at Hogwarts. Not only did I manage to get the last ticket sold, I found a seat where my neck didn't have to be fully reclined back. At was a 11:50 showing and I got there 12:05 so catching any previews was a wrap! Even the "acne challenged" concession dudes shut me down. Using my cell phone like the tip of Harry's wand to find my way through the dark. I was far from alone, the theater was RAMMED! I missed the first 5 mins of the movie, but whatever. I'm still gonna give a full review regardless. From the title I was a bit confused, thinking that the "Half-Blood" part meant that it was some what gang related. Boy was I wrong! This was more focused on a bunch on of spell conjuring horny teens. Like every other Harry Potter movie set up, it starts with the usual scenes of the main characters preparing to go off to school, then meeting the newest additions to the teaching staff. This time around the "evil ratio" was stepped up a bit very effectively to convey the seriousness of the coming of the "Dark Lord." As the series gets closer to the end, it seems to get better and better. Only problem I have if any is the over zealous fans that follow and expect the movie to be spot on like the book. I sat next to one guy that was an obvious fan that keep holding conversations with the screen. I WISH I had a spell for moments like this! I'd be like "Shutus Theefuckus Uppers!" and wave my palm pilot wand and their lips seal shut! Ummm, dude some of us non-geeks didn't read the book, stop spoiling it for the rest of us. I give this one a solid 3 1/2 M's out of four.

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