Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.162)

If you don't see yourself in these pictures below, you really should be mad at yourself for missing this! Tues. past was part deuce of our second night at Aspen for our continuing weekly fashion/music industry after work affair "Word To Everything I Love!" So far
the Ahficionados
(twice), DJ Mick Boogie, DJ Parle' and now coming up DJ Goldfinger have place their bids in to come through to bless the turning tables of steel. Plus we've got B'days, and quite a few release/listening parties on the table (being that usually new music is released on Tues.). Only compliant so far I've heard was from the ladies asking "Ummm, where's the guys?" GREAT question (no homo) I'm sure that they peep the flicks I post from this event filled with lovely employed, educated, and independent women soooo...Your guess is as good as mine. The recession ain't THAT bad is it? It's a FREE event! Well mo' fo' me to LOVE I reckon. "WORD" of advise, arrival EARLY next Tues. (Aug. 4th) the buzz is already out there that this will be a big draw, being that "you know who" is involved and "You'll never guess who" plans to come through to say HELLO! FYI* Ernie Gaines signing/listening party @ Aspen -22nd St. Tues. Aug. 4th

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