Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Face(book) Reality" -Is Facebook the NEW Obituary?

The reason why I pose this question is lately I've been finding out about peoples passing on damn Facebook before any other means of communication! Case in point, peep this word for word convo I had with an old friend on FB, about a recent shooting he had witnessed around the way...Straight bananas bro. Rest in peace to the brothers whom ever died as a result of this tragic incidence. Blessings to you and your family.

8:30am "O"
8:30am Alanzo

"What up?"

8:31am "O"

"I wasn't even going to go to the block party yesterday, I told myself to let me know when they remove the barricades so then I will drive thru and say whats up to a few people that I haven't seen in a long time. So I come thru at ten thirty, drive thru, park on the (St.) John('s) near Wash(ington Place) right behind another car with my kids. Soon as I get out..."

"What hap?"
8:32am "O"

"A dude walks up to the car in front of me, and shoots both the driver and the passenger, jumps on the back of a motorcycle waiting for him and speeds off!"

8:33am Alanzo

"WHOA! That's bonkers!"

8:33am "O"

Smh! 19 and 23 years old dead!

8:33am Alanzo

"It hit the news?"

8:33am "O"

"If it has I haven't seen it."

8:33am Alanzo

"You know you're a witness right?"

8:34am "O"

"Yeah me and about a hundred other people"

8:34am Alanzo

"See you in court, lol"

8:34am "O"

"Word is that right before I came thru they had got into a big argument and was about to fight.

lol @ see me in court."

8:35am Alanzo

"How serious could it be to murk somebody over?"

8:35am "O"

"Nah its so crazy though, cause to be honest I wasn't even paying attention.

Cause it was so many people out there

I seen dude walk up but i was just aware of him

not really focused on him

like i said i had my two lil kids

so then I hear the two gunshots POP! POP!

and first things first grab my kids

cause it was so loud and so close

I was hoping to God some idiot was just busting in the air"

8:36am Alanzo

"After you grabbed the kids you grabbed your heart right?"

8:37am "O"

"But next I see the two dudes slumped

and the motorcycle making mad noise

and bouncing

and chaos from everyone!"

8:37am Alanzo

"That was set up"

8:37am "O"

"And u know the hood

no one was running away

Everyone was running towards to see what happened

which made it even harder for me to get the fuck out of there!"

8:38am Alanzo

"Dude bounced so they fig whats done is done I guess"

8:38am "O"


I got on FB and seen a few status updates that the dudes died

at first I ain't think they died cause the ambulance took both of them

and I know they don't take dead people

but I guess they succumbed to their injuries either on the way or there at the hosp"

8:40am "O"

"Damn shame

that shit ate at me the whole night

thinking about their parents getting that call"


"That's the new obit? Facebook and Tweeter?

Sheesh, they hear about it before the family do."

8:41am "O"


U know how when something frightens u yet when u assess that u aren't in danger sometimes u can't shake the fear

I was like that all morning

I had to go for a long distance run this morning

just to get rid of that s**t"

8:43am "O"

"Maybe I shouldn't be saying this, but at least he ain't just spray

and hit his intended targets"

8:44am Alanzo

"Right mad worse"

8:44am "O"

"All those kids out there and s**t

and what's so crazy is that a few months back niggas tried to carjack me on that same corner

I can't blame that on the block though cause they were in a car too

I was at the light on St John's

bout to make a left on Washington

to go to Eastern Parkway

I didn't have on my turn signal"

8:47am Alanzo

"Wowzers! shit may change but remain the same"

8:47am "O"
"And a car pulls in front of me

mind u this is like three in the morning

so im thinking they figure im going straight and they want to go up washington

until they jumped out guns drawn

pointing towards the car screaming some shit"

8:48am Alanzo

"Say word!"

8:48am "O"

"But I had my windows rolled up and my music was loud

so I ain't hear what they were saying

all I know is that they were saying it to me"

8:48am Alanzo

"Over a Neo?"

8:48am "O"

"So I threw my shit in reverse

nah i had just got my shit

a 2009 5 series"


A Kia?

8:49am "O"

"Nah lol



8:49am Alanzo


8:49am "O"

"To be honest i dont even know if it was a carjacking but i just assumed that it was cause i aint got no beef"

8:50am Alanzo

"Then what?"

8:50am "O"

"Anyway i threw my shit in reverse and sped down the johns backwards

now u know u cant see all the way down the block

so right before i got to the hump on the block

I just spun that bitch around and sped off

I saw them attempting to make an broken k turn



On some John McClain/ Die Hard s**t w/Sam Jackson?

8:52am "O"

But after that i was gone

yeah lol

all i was thinking was please dont let somebody be coming up st johns and i crash into them

cause u know u cant see down the whole block

8:53am Alanzo

I would be OUT too you KNOW they wasn't bout to ask for directions!

8:53am "O"

"I aint recognize the dudes either


for real

I'm like damn i grew up over here

but like i said they were in a car so they didn't necessarily have to be from over there

young boys too in a hooptie"

8:54am Alanzo

I recognize GUNS! no need to see the faces why stick around?

8:54am "O"

"lol for real

as for last night though

I heard that somebody was on the mic like yo fuck that cut that bullshit out

dead that shit

no arguing and fighting"

8:55am Alanzo

"It could've been old men in a Maybach. F*** that I'm ghost like Pac Man!"

8:56am "O"


right before I got there

I knew those ni***s died though when two many dees started coming to the scene

way after the ambulance took the boys

the dees in suits"

8:57am Alanzo

"Soooo, I take it you didn't taste the chicken then?"

8:58am "O"

"I'm a vegetarian"

8:58am Alanzo

"After D comes the O and a A"

8:58am "O"


8:59am Alanzo

"Thanks for the Minority Report, I need to start my day looking forward to being around my people"


"No prob, take it easy"

9:00am Alanzo

"You too ESPECIALLY after yesterday! We just lost Michael (Jackson) we don't need to lose you too!"

9:00am "O"

"Lol lmao

Anymore black men period"

9:01am Alanzo

"WORD, to everything I love!

church brother!"

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