Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.161)

Okay "Bad2Def" turned out to be just that! This was the ever last "Rock the Block BK" presentation event to gear folks up for the BIG day (Sat. Aug. 15th)! A sort of "Come meet Dumbo" soiree' to familiarize folks with the spaces and area the "Rock the Block BK" movement will be held at this year. Dj Goldfinger went IN on the Bad Boy & Def Jam catalogue, giving folks musical goose bumps each song that came on. It sounded like a damn roller coaster ride up in ReBar last Friday night! Lol! With the much bigger turn out we relocated the party to the large room in ReBar to accommodate everyone in attendance adequately. Plus the kitchen stayed open till 2am, so folks made good use of that luxury. The staff even loved us so much we were asked to return before the party even ended! So join usn when we do Wed. Sept. 9th (9-9-09) for "the Whole 9 yards" dinner & dance B'day for fellow Virgo, Frei of the Ahficionados/
movement. Be a shame if you missed that one too. FYI* Tix for "Rock the Block BK" are moving FAST especially now that VIP pass are $20 a pop!

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