Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.157)

YES! Summer is FINALLY showing NY some love out this bitch! Two Sundays in a row I've enjoyed it's wonderful rays without ever leaving my neighborhood! Two Sundays ago after I made a cameo over at the Afro-Punk event down at BAM, I slid over to Weeksville, the historic slavery site, to enjoy the concert series they had starting w/ the Blk Jks & Blitz the Ambassador. I must admit it was an odd scene to see, an afro-centric audience, all mellowed out resting on grass fields. Then to look across the street to see the projects looming over us. Wild! Then this Sunday, I rode the "Minority Mobile" over to Clinton & Myrtle for the Afro-Punk street fair finale. DOPE! It was a splendid scene to behold my friend. A lot of "beautiful ones" came out in droves to support. I was proud of my borough for that one. I thought Queens had the best "queens" at one time. Nah bro, Brooklyn keeps on taking it! I'm convinced. Fled that event to peep the Soul-Summit jam in Ft. Greene park. But it was like a "Bruno" try-out over there so I bounce roll & skated to eat and start another day. This Sunday, "Heatwave 9.0" is coming in Prospect Park, looks like Sunday is the NEW Saturday this year!

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Kelliann said...

Beautiful ones, indeed! I needed to be apart of that, but just couldn't make it out to the Afro-Punk event down at BAM. *mad at myself* Heard all good things, though.

"Like a "Bruno" try-out over there" - LMAO!

BK is def. where it's at!

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"