Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Bruno Him Is To Love Him" -Bruno Movie Review

Let me first start off by saying I liked this movie (no homo)! Mind you, don't go in there thinking it's "Borat" two, because it's NOT! Though this was HILARIOUS to me, I felt it lacked the story content to pull the "candid camera" style skits together as well as "Borat" did. Only if you're a serious "homophob" or think sexually humor is tasteless would I NOT recommend seeing this. Other wise enjoy it for what it is...straight comedy (no pun intended, well maybe). It started off pretty slow to me but once the high jinx kick in, I was tearing like I was at my momma's wake! Usually I stray away for comedy movies simply because one, all the good lines you already saw in the trailers, OR the jokes are predictable to me. So I see the punch line coming a MILE away. How this movie differs is that NO ONE is in on the joke, except him (Sasha Cohen), and even he doesn't know what he'll say or how the "victim" will react. So it stays fresh. Even the stuff the trailer shows is STILL funny seeing it again, and the full scene gets even funnier by the minute. The word "genius" is being thrown around when speaking about Cohen, I see why. He's committed to taking his brand of "shock comedy" the furthest it can go. Even at the risk of embarrassing himself. That alone is the reason why I feel he's successful, he believes and gives 100%. Hopefully he won't go "Hollywood" on us and start doing romantic/action comedies w/ whatever "it" girl is out at the time. I love his sense of humor (no homo) but wasn't in love with the movie. I'm givin' it two and half M's of of four.

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