Friday, July 31, 2009

"Nothing To Lose, Everything To Gaines" -Ernie Gaines Listening / Signing Party w/DJ Goldfinger @ "Word To Everything I Love!" Tues. Aug 4th

If you're a close friend, casual acqua-
intance, fair weather friend, associate, business partner, ex-lover/
jump-off, family member, former classmate, secret admirer, good buddy or co-worker of mine. I
NEED you to understand how important this announcement and your attendance is to me for this one particular event. The young man you see to your left is someone I've watched and followed closely for a year seeing his artistic growth. And now the time has come that the world will know the sheer talent he possesses, now that he's been official signed as a recording artist to The Truth/ConPro/Motown imprint. Under the guidance of former Bad Boy/Hit Men super producer Rich Young Lord, Ernie Gaines is the next bright light on the music scene! Now with that being said, let's celebrate & PARTY!

Tues Aug 4th
"Word To Everything I Love!" Exclusively Presents
The Truth/ConPro/Motown artist
Signing / Listening party!
Host by Rich Young Lord
Aspen -30 W. 22nd St. betwn 5th & 6th
Music by
DJ Paul Kersey w/ Special Guest DJ GOLDFINGER!
Track listening segment starts 7:00 SHARP!
Happy Hour 6-8pm
Dinner menu till 11pm
admission rsvp

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