Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Takes A Lickin' And Keeps On..." -The LICK Party Turns One!

My homegirl Lamazing wanted me to tell you...
TONIGHT! As the most fabulous "LICK" party hits the one year mark it will be doing it in style with a LIVE performance by Lenny Kravitz baby girl Zoe's group "Elevator Fight" (don't ask me what the group name means, I haven't the foggiest), which I hear is quite good sounding. Add to the mix will be a dance performance, food, and a bunch of other things that will make your attendance well worth your while. Trust me, I've been to a "LICK" party before and the experience hasn't left me yet! I KNOW this will be something.

Wednesday, July 29th
"The LICK 1yr Anniversary"
Le Poisson Rouge
-158 Bleecker Btwn Thompson and Sullivan
Doors open at 11pm
$5 before midnight with RSVP | $10 after

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