Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Any One Up For Ransom?" - Hostages Held At Brooklyn Party

Swedishfish Prod. is FINALLY back with their highly successful "Ransom" party at Tamboril! What's a Ransom party you ask? Well the premise is for you to "KIDNAP" your friends (or total strangers if that's your thing) and bring them to the greatest party in Brooklyn!
They're paying for "hostages". Simple as that.

Regulations are:
1. Everyone must pay $3 cover.
2. For every person that you bring, we'll give you $1 back
3. For every 3 persons you bring, we give you a free shot of Trump Vodka
4. Must have actual flyer to receive reward. no printout or copies (if you would like an actual flyer contact us - WE WILL DELIVER TO YOU!)
5. All of your guest (hostages) must be present at the door when collecting ransom
6. If you were held as ransom, you cannot collect ransom
7. Your guest (hostages) cannot be used more than once
* They reserve the right to refuse rewards/ransom if we feel that the rules are being misconstrued or broken

contact: swedishfishproduction@gmail.com or hotline 646.595.7639

Friday July 10th
Swedishfish Prod. presents
"Ransom" (pt.2)
Tamboril -527 Myrtle Ave. near Grand & Steuben
Music by Vega Benetton

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