Monday, July 20, 2009

"Ma, The Ice Cream Man Is COMING!" -Getting Cool With The Kool Man

Well surprise, surprise! Look who's moving up in the blog world. About...let's say a month ago, I was approached by a Mr. Goddey (Soul Purpose Media) via the world wide web asking me if shooting some reality/webbisode video footage to add to my illustrious blog (that you're now reading) would be of interest to me. After one quick face to face meeting, just to figure if he wasn't some DA assist look to "wire" me to spy on the hood (NO SNITCHING). Per our convo, I knew it was a good fit based on how well versed he was about the M report and the common focus we shared. Fast forward a few weeks and we plan to meet up in "Billyburg" to shoot the first episode around my weekly antique furniture hunting. Specifically a barber's chair that I've been on the hunt for for like forever! Anyways we ran across the holding/dispatch lot for the KOOL MAN trucks and BOOM! That took us in a whole 'nother direction. Peep our first footage and tell me what you think. FYI* some footage is missing we caught of the Kool Man workers scrambling for cover like we the health dept. or that "Shame On You" news reporter dude! But it still all good.

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