Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Green With Envy" -Backyard Boogie

BIG thangs are happening all over town and Brooklyn is no exception. Just in time for Summer "the Bridge is Over" group (peep Facebook) has gotten there hands on a NICE hunk of property, to return to doing the type of mature ol' school BBQ's that you're used to enjoying. Not only does it have a HUGE decked out backyard complete w/ a wall movie projector, this baby here sports two 40ft floors of space...just in case Moms Nature wanna act up that day. We'll be premiering this exclusive space hopefully in time for Target 1st Sat.'s after party July 4th (fingers crossed) for an event sure to be talked about till the NEXT Summer! Join the group on FB now, you be the very first to find out.

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Legacy said...

Nice space. Keep us updated. I'll look out so that maybe I can attend and event this summer. 1Love.

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