Monday, September 8, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.85)

DAYUM!!! I had quite a busy day this day. First I had to run downtown to the Union Square area to view a space I've taken interest into, to start a Sunday morning Brunch soiree' in the near future you'll definitely be hearing more about. Took Chef over to check the new stuff in stock at Rugby and say "What up!" to Tiara C. Then we shot up to Barney's to catch the debut of Andre' 3000's newest clothing venture (Benjamin Bixby) I posted about awhile back. It was alot of notables around the room, but I came to see the effort put into the brand. And honestly speaking it was like we never left the Rugby store (lol). I introduced myself once paparazzi was none snapping it up (pics of me not him), and told him I appreciated the direction he took. It was a natural evolution in the branding of 3000. Adam West introduced me to two witty Brits (Nasrin & Nadia) whom I kidnapped, to go with us over to the Fila/Hennessy in-store event. Good friend Datwon Thomas (of XXL) was the honored host, so I had to stop thru to pay respect. It was an hour left to the event, so we all drifted over to the open bar (!) that luckily was STILL OPEN. Then off again to some Fader event that we missed...oh well. See you the next night!

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