Friday, September 5, 2008

"Run Isis Run" -Charity Cookout Sunday

Hey remember way way back in one of my very first postings I spoke about a friend ("Sisi") who had a pancake obsession? Truth be told it was this young lady picture here, publicly known as Isis not "Sisi" as I've been calling her to protect her innocence. Well she's raising money to run a marathon not only to shed those "pancake pounds" but to raise funds and awareness w/Nike Women's Marathon for the Leukemia @Lymphoma Society. How you ask? Well this cook-out she's having Saturday for starters is one good way. So bring $10 and your belly out to support her cause. Your full stomach will go to a worthy cause for once. FYI Don't expect to see Kid-N-Play, this is NO "House Party" come only if you're serious about supporting or rsvp (

Sat. Sept. 6th
Eat & Run -Charity Cook-out
351A 14th st. in Park Slope BK
Take F train to 7th Ave. and "walk it out" to 14th
$10 donation $5 kids


Anonymous said...

I will SOOOO be there, and I'm making the mac n cheese which has been known to ruin people's ability to resist. (lol)

*muse said...

love and appreciate the support fam! if you can't make it (yes, its supposed to rain) please feel free to throw change in the pot for the cause:

Also - PLEASE email if you're attending - we DO need a headcount for food!!


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