Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Flashing Lights" -Paparazzi Pics (Pt.87)

Remember that pouring rainy night last Friday? Well before the heavens opened up, Tiara Chameleon, Tiffany (Butch Diva) and friend, and I managed to make it over to Aspen (hot new spot on W.22 St.) for that "Black Fashion Rocks!" event fashionista Claire Sulmers (the Fashion Bomb) was hosting. We arrived there EARLY, just based on the buzz about the event (avoid the door chaos) and I wanted to go home early (my feet was beat). First off the spot was top shelf! Roomy but intimate at the same time, kudos. Secondly, I don't know who the DJ was (should gotten his name) but he was doing a great job early in the night, even before the place got packed. Lastly the was like "the March of Dimes" in there! Really good looking, nicely dressed women in attendance, that understood fashion. I left with a good impression and a wrinched to the bone shirt. Leaving the spot I was greeted by heavy rain and Adam West w/ Kai (718Bodega) on the way in. "Black Fashion Rocks!" actually did...Rock.

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