Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Y-Not?" -NEW Y-3 Store Opens, the Fly Spy

Finally the much delayed Adidas Y-3 brand store has opened up it's much bigger retail space this month. Located on Greene St. (across from the Bape store) in SoHo, it's (Y-) 3 times the size of their first location on W.13th & 8th, boasting a lower level all men's section. The product is hung in colored order to make what you're searching for a bit easier, and the interior look and vibe is that of a hip art gallery that doesn't mind you coming in, but don't stay to long if your not buying a painting. Peep the three black stripe track lighting, which is the subliminal Adidas logo, in the center of the store. Dope! Ash pulled out the "Asian"-American Express Card and spent about 2k+ flat for my gift! You gotta love B'day's man! Hey and Y-not, you only live once right? Ask for Spenser when you get over there he'll give you the (Y-) 3% discount at the check out counter. See ya'll Friday @ Tamboril rocking my new gift.

Y-3 store
92-94 Greene Street, near Spring St.

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