Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Hey Mrs. Carter,Tell Where You've Been..." Happy B'day Bey

You knew she was a Virgo right? Add her to the long list of why the V-sign rules hard! I wonder what Jay is cooking up for her to celebrate. If she was my lady I'd get a hotel room somewhere foriegn. Hire a full orchestra with a horn section to play sweet love making music and >censor< her, till her >censor< was blue and her >censor< was a bright pink all night long! And make her scream my name till her singing career was in jeopardy! But hey, that's just me. But if she EVER looks my way like she's looking in this picture right here...Boy oh boy, Jay-Who(?)va man. Ummm, sorry Happy B'day again Bey!

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