Friday, September 5, 2008

"Ghetto Mysteries" Vol. 3...This Time It's Personal!

I've gotten a bunch of new found fans with this section of the blog, so WHY NOT keep it going?!? Especially when it's sooo much on this subject to talk/debate and gossip about. So let's carry on shall we? And feel free to comment, answer, or relate publicly to any or all questions listed. Let's do the damn thing!

1. Who in the world do you think you're fooling, drinking from a can with a brown paper bag covering the label, like we (and the cops) don't know it's an alcoholic beverage?

2.Where's this "Candy Pimp" sending all these young kids to sell from him on the train? And how healthy can this supposed "basketball team" be eating all that junk? Yeah, and when do ya'll practice if you're on the train selling all the damn time? Huh?

3.Why is the person who WORKS in the laundromat always the most grumpiest, and uncleanly person in there?

4. How come you sleep on a $200 bed/futon, and have at least 3-4 pairs of $400-$500 worth of sneakers/shoes/boots stored underneath it?

5.Why do you use your Victoria's Secret bag to carry your lunch in, making me think you're taking your panties to work?

6.Please explain to me, why is it that you got your name tattooed above your ass crack? Is it in case the guy(s) behind you forgets? Well...Is it? What is it anyway? Turn around.

7. Do you REALLY think Jesus wanted to be hung from a cross, let alone a diamond encrusted chain around your neck, in a sweaty ass club with drinks spilled on him for Christ sake?!?!

8.Where do you get off thinking you can holla at a Sistah, "Yo, what up shorty!" "Hey sexy slim." "What's good Ma?" But be mad polite and proper ("Good morning this fine day Miss, and how are you? Excellent!") to a White (Asian, etc.) girl when you trying to get their No.#?

9.Why is it that "Junior" has PSP, Playstation3, an iPod, a cell phone and his own T.V. in his room but not ONE book to be found? Well...maybe just a T.V. guide book.

10. How come you ALWAYS in the studio, and I never heard at least one track? And you're in your mid forties?


Anonymous said...

OMG this shit is the truth...keep em coming

Sallome Beta said...

oh no!!! The pink bag, christ sake, the futon, the candy pimp?! f*cking hilarious I love you.

Kitty Hawk, Brooklyn New York City said...

ouch. that last one hurt a few "MC's"

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