Tuesday, September 30, 2008

"My Paper Trail's Thicke Like Jennifer!" -J Hud, Robin Thicke, & T.I. Drop NEW Music

Clear some space in your hard drive or upgrade the GB's on your iPod cause not one but three highly anticipated CDs drop today, that are sure to be in heavy rotation in your headphones. American Idol contestant & Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson finally releases her first self titled CD "Jennifer Hudson" which if you ask me should've dropped right after she won the golden statue. The first single is kinda "Whitney Houston before Bobby"-ish but it's MAD catchy! And I guess that IS the point of a single right? Next up is R&B's "Great White Hope" (if Justin fails) Robin Thicke. I'm hoping this release is just as fire as the first one, that I ran HEAVY. "Magic Touch" is wishfully thinking that he'll beat the sophomore jinx. But then again it's really his THIRD album not second so...Umm, good luck wit dat. Lastly, T.I. returns quickly after a not so widely received "T.I. vs T.I.P." He's always been an underdog favorite of mine and one of the very few rappers left that I'd purchase a CD of, without a pre-hearing.

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