Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"How Much Is That Rugby In the Window?" -the Fly Spy

When you get a minute and you're in the Union Square neighbor
hood, swing by the Rugby store
on University Pl. and I think it's 12th St. Not only is Tiara Chameleon the new kid on the block running things over there, she's even featured on their new website ( blog modeling! You can go to "Newsroom" once you're on the site to see her photo, but I've saved you the trip. Also peep the touch screen window display web browser they've set up! DOPE! It's the future of shopping as we know it. Stop in say "What up T.C.?" and make sure she rings your items up, so you're not too embarrassed when it reads "DECLINE!" Lol!

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Sallome Beta said...

that's dope!!!!!! Tell Tiara I said - you go girl!

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