Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pic (Pt.90)

Okay now, this past Tues. Pt.1 of this weeks Virgo celebrations was nothing less then a SMASH! APT got packed early and quickly! It was "Show Frei Love" day and it's believer came out to pay their respects. DJ Hard Hittin' Harry as well as B'day boy Frei (aka Blackocaine) did the honors of keepin' the dance floor POPPIN' between the two taking turns on the tables...Literally! ALOT of fellow Virgos showed up, and damn near filled the place up the other half was Brooklyn, and some random signs and boroughs not worth of mentioning. LOL. Phone reception was bad for me downstairs (I have AT&T) so calling for back-up, so my friends can witness the "exoticnessity" of the ladies present was a dead issue. Daoud (Coup D'etat BK) has a lot to top (@ Libations) tonight ! Oh well, at least I got to go home with two FOXY ladies that night ...on the train.

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