Friday, September 19, 2008

"Flashing Lights" Paparazzi Pic (Pt.91)

Finally! After been invited to the Hotel Rivington's coveted penthouse events, I finally made it to one. I was looking forward to this one simply because I keep hearing the space was something to be seen first hand. Plus we're planning that to be one of the stops on the Ernie Gaines Suite Tour (more on that later), so I needed a personal opinion about it. Wait...before I get into the event let me tell you about "the line" situation. The rule is: If you're gonna skip, keep it down to a understandable limit will you? You can't wave it your homegirl w/her FOUR friends, then one of them waves in her homeboy w/ his FIVE! HELL NAH! Do you not see me standing here? Acknowledge me at least like "Yeah, I know it's kinda alot of us, But is it okay?" You know...Something! It totally defeats MY point of skipping the folks behind ME (lol)! Moving on, the list girl had to be a "virgin" at this. I could see and read damn near ever name on the list she was holding. I even gave folks names to say to get in! "Excuse me, what's your name under?" First initial "O." last name "Bama" plus 3, thanks. Got my hand stamped, and was checked for said stamp like four times, BEFORE I even made it up inside the party! Sheesh, security boy. IS Obama up in here? Oh 'fore I forget, Bombay Sapphire & GQ collabo'ed on this one so that meant "Open bar & Free GQ mags." I scored a whole bottle by the end of the night but shushhhh, that's between just you & I. Btw, the spot had KILLER views of the city and a killer DJ, But lacked in the female dept. So I'm giving this one 4 out of 5 bottles. See ya'll at Tamboril tonight! Party on dude!

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