Friday, September 12, 2008

"Color Me Bad" -New Nano iPod (Skittles) Debuts

Once rumored to be a egotistical, maniacal world dominating, homo- phobic, Steve Jobs try's his best to make a mends with the gay community, and put "to bed" those nasty lies, by releasing the latest iPod model. Apple's newest Nano, that can be purchased in all the various colors displayed in the symbolic gay fag...oops, sorry flag (my bad), comes with a whole new gang-bang of features. For one, not only is it thinner (made to fit in their pencil thin jeans), but it will also comes at a more "hansome" price ($149 for 8-gigabyte and $199 for 16-gigabyte). Also noted was, no matter how you flipped it, it would still show face-up (no homo). Plus give it a shake, and it will shuffle the music FOR you! Dope! Apple always finds a way to make you feel like the iPod you just brought a week ago is already ol' news. (*BTW How come the "Black" Nano isn't pictured here? Huh Steve? Black models STILL get NO love man!)

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