Monday, September 22, 2008

"Two Thousand Zero Zero Eight...Party like it's 2009" -Sew Far...

Even MORE fun has been added to the BIG event coming this Fri. at the Pink Room ("Sew Far Soul Good") Butch Diva will be celebrating her Anniversary within the SAME event and she's bringing out her foxy ladies along with her too!!! Rumor has it that once dudes hear "Black Tie Affair" they automatically assume it's a Wake (lol)?! Not the dudes...sorry the GENTLEMEN I hang with. They know that's just another excuse to get dress up, and party like the grown folks we are. Look, we're not asking you to ditch your sneaks over the nearest street post, just DRESS up the "freshest" pair you own, with a tie, vest and/or blazer. Butch Diva + more on NYC finest women attending SHOULD be reason enough I thought!

*Btw Ladies if you still searching for that "one-of-a-kind" head turner dress holla at Tiff asap to see what she can cook up at:

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