Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pedro's & Yola's Bring Mexy Back!" -Food for Thought

You GOTTA love America right?!? Nowhere else can a Afro-American go to eat Mexican food w/Japanese folks in a White neighborhood! We don't want them crossing our boarders, but it okay to eat their food and have them working in our bars & kitchens huh? Now that that's been said, You gotta check out these two spots I've been meaning to put you on to but, I'm getting old and my memory ain't too tough. The first one is Yola's on Union and Metropolitan Ave. in "Billy Burg." You know you're in the right spot when you see those two white cats below chowing down debating what's better Star Trek or Star Wars...everyday...LOUD! Their shrimp burrito will have you saying "Aye' Ca rumba!" They're medium size but packed with shrimp and you'll be full on one and 1/2. Besides that, the prices are Mexican too...compared to the US dollar. The spot is too small for dine in service, but the taste is "El GRANDE!" The counter girl, um Maria...Martiza...Jessica (pick a name) is forgetful but polite about it. "Mad dumb cool" as she would say. Then on to Pedro's in DUMBO. A popular by default spot (ummm where else is there to go down there?) that food is actually REALLY good. Don't go thinking it's fine dining, the styrofoam plates will blow that theory. Just keep in mind that when your order does come, you'll remember why you were even in DUMBO to begin with. Try the sweet plantains. You'll be rubbing your tummy, and NOT from gas...well maybe later, but from the taste too. Look 'em up google style. Perdo's in DUMBO, Yola's in Williamsburg.

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