Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"Never Get High On Your Own Supply" -Getting Fat Off the Land...Literally!

This little guy was kind enough to pose for me so I can take his photo in hopes to bring much needed awareness to the rising rate of Squirrel Obesity Syndrome, also known as S.O.S.
Due to the unusually mild winter temperatures we've been having of late, squirrels have been doing more "snacking than stacking" feeling no real pressured need to store as many nuts that they are normally known to do. Our friend here, we'll call him "Akorn" for now, spoke to us exclusively to help us crack the "nut case."
"Look, I've noticed the extra pounds man, but it's nothing a few jogs around the park can't cure. Honestly though, some off-the-leash pooch was thisclose to nabbing my chunky ass the other day, but I still got the speed bro! Live to die another day baby!"
Park officials have stated that they're aggressively looking into a health low fat trail mix that the city can provide for those looking to lose the extra girth. Nutty huh? DO NOT feed the animals...especially this guy.

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