Friday, April 4, 2008

"You're A Star, You Just Don't Know It Yet!" - Sunday Night Live/ the Cool Kids, Mickey Factz

Okay, somebody tell me. Is there some sorta "Rap Renaissance" going on in the Chi that I didn't hear about? Lupe, Common, Kanye, John Legend, all are pulling to get Chicago reinstated in "the Windy City...and spits too!" Now here comes these new "kids" on the Chicago block, the Cool Kids. Never heard of 'em? Then maybe you're just not as cool as you thought you were, huh? Well FYI, they cats tore it up at the American Museum of Natural History and made way for a Kanye appearance, that left the crowd speechless. I say all this cause, Sunday night at S.O.B.'s, you can see first hand what all the hub bub is all about.

the Cool Kids w/ Mickey Factz
Sunday, April 3rd 7pm doors open
S.O.B.'s (204 Varick st. off W.Houston)

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