Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Ebully"- Ebay Seller Seeing Red (Sweater)

Just GOTTA share this story with someone, so I thought "Hey, why not just but it on the blog, right?" Just recently I purchased a vintage Ralph Lauren Polo sweater off of ebay, to add to my budding RL collection ("the 'Lo End Theory" is coming up ya know). So imagine my excitement when not only did I win it at a KILLER price. But it was waiting for me once I got home, only three days after I paid for it! I take it out its' package, thirsty, ready to wear it the same day when...sniff sniff? Nah, it just can't be my new sweater dawg. So I sniff sniff again. Like I was in that damn Jill Scott skit on her 1st jawn. I was like "I KNOW that ain't the sticky icky I smell?" Let me tell you, It was STRONG my friend. So potent that, I started looking in the box the sweater came in, to see if it was a dime sack up in that piece. Not that I was gonna smoke it or anything ( know, I have friends that do...seriously no lie) Okay, so now it's "Feedback" time, so I
(honest to God) jokingly leave this as a feedback comment:
"In the future, please steam out the weed dude!"

Then A day later I get this heated response:
Yeah, I am not sure what you mean by this feedback but I would like it removed. Closest I can come is you are saying the sweater smelled like weed? Sorry, but no one smokes that here. There is a cigarette smoker and a patchooli incense freak but no weed. Why would you feel the need to post that assumption in feedback anyway?"

So I reply with this inquire:
"Simply puzzled why would you ship an item that smelled of ANY type smoke? I'm not partial to my clothes smelling like anything...especially smoke! Doesn't matter the kind, fairs bad on me, if I'm gifting and you as a seller."

To which he had this to say:
"I don't find it puzzling, people smoke, things smell because of that. Every item is not guaranteed to be void of smell, do you sniff each item at a rummage sale too? You find this sufficient reason to taint my perfect feedback with an implication of illegal behavior? That's what I find puzzling, that you couldn't message me with your concern. Perhaps there's a negative in your future. I did what I could to fix it (febreeze). I don't own a sweater steamer nor have time to steam every 2.00 used clothing item. I wash what I can and keep the washed away from further smoke. I then febreeze items upon packing. I am not going to advertise possible smoke smell nor am I obligated to. Nonsmokers act like tobacco smell is permanent, but it's a minor issue. There is nothing wrong with the sweater. You are being petty, like this is Dayton's and I just handed you a tar stained t shirt. This is a 2 dollar friggin' sweater that has not been cleaned for some time. I certainly didn't ask for the 100 it cost new so why are you expecting a new sweater? It's going to have some flaw, friend."

So this is what was last said by me to that:
"Question, why didn't YOU explain that in your item description then (about the smoke smell)? You should stand by your product / item even if it's two dollars or if it's two CENTS. Thank God it WAS only that much, would have shipped it out smelling bizarrely like an illegal substance if the bid went you to $100 or more? I rushed and wore it to work NOW I'm up for drug testing at my job...THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Stop Ebullying me Jason, my lawyers eat guys like you at intimate dinner parties on lightly salted crackers, with soft musik playing in the background, and wash you down with some fine italian wine. It's not fair to me. $2 or $2000 Feedback are to warn others "Where there's smoke, it's not a fire's sweater being sold on Ebay"

So now I'm waiting to hear back, what he'll say to that weird ass comment I left, I'll update you when (and if) he does.

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