Thursday, April 10, 2008

"You Ready Bey?"-Knot Yet, But Soon..

First off, a big congrats are in order to the "Jigga Man" for landing a historical (for a rapper) multi-million dollar ($150m) album deal with the concert promotion company Live Nation. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the company check the back of your most recent ticket stubs, you're see their logo print on there somewhat. The deal goes like this, Hova gets a 10 million advance for each album recorded, and has a minimum of 3 album obligation to fulfill...SWEET! So expect to hear "the Blueprint 3-10" on your iTouch in the very near future (lol). Now on to the BIG news. I'm certain that you've heard the wedding rumors (the real ones) floating about concerning the marriage licence (between Jay-Z & Beyonce') filed recently. Well, guess what the Minority Report as obtained some "inside trader scoops" on what it'll take to go down the aisle for both. U ready? Alright I'll stop stalling and spill the "pork-n-beans." Okay, first on the list was that by no means can Memphis Bleek be in the wedding party if he wears that outdated do-rag he's known for. Kanye is uninvited if he's to show up sporting his tuxedo shirt open, there's a four button minimum Mr. West. Sister of the Bride, Solange, has be informed that she is NOT to sing at the wedding AND the reception. Also former Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, can never ever put out another CD, unless the couple divorces. As the newly wedded couple walk down the aisle, the wedding party has been instructed to throw up the ROC sign in the air. Instead of the traditional "jumping of the broom" the blissful couple have opted to "jump the gun" as an alternative. Diddy has donated free cases of Ciroc for the reception. And lastly, to bury the hatchet, former Rocafella co-founder Dame Dash, give up multiple pairs of Pro-Keds to tie to the back of the honeymooning celeb couples' Maybach, replacing the usual cans used for the occassion. Well that's all I uncovered for the moment, more on this breaking news later.

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