Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Flashing Lights"-Paparazzi Pics (Pt. 21...and Over)

"All the girls standing in the line for the Bathroom..." I can't get that outta my head now man. Anyway yesterday I stopped through to the "Everybody Nose" video shoot set yesterday, to get the Minority's point of view, and to take some shots to blog to give you guys an inside scoop. As I walked in two dimes were off to the side with a second director "sexing the camera up" by blowing bubbles into the lens (see pic below). I quickly pulled out my 17 (mm camera) and started busting off shots like I was at a Brooklyn basement jam (lol)! Soon after Chad (1/3 of the N.E.R.D's) walked in a caught a "shot" to the face too. Now a bit more comfortable, I worked my way around the room for more candid "sniper" shots of the extras. Once I said what blog the pictures would be featured on, it was a different world "Whitley" (lol) Folks gave praise and it was all gravy (no beef) from there on. Word is a major fight broke out, to where medical assistance was needed. But I was long gone by then...damn right?

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E*STAR said...

i wish i was there !!!!

good pics by the way lol

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