Monday, April 28, 2008

"Let's Be Frank" -Frank White Lives On St. James...Again!

The Great Frank White has been resurrected, and is livin' back on St. James in Brooklyn! And NO, this is not some "Gravy" sighting I witnessed. Acting a scene from the upcoming B.I.G. movie. This Frank White had doughnuts, and yummy muffins in it (much like Biggie was "notorious" for eating) lol. My homegirl for some time now, hit me up with a flier in pasting awhile ago, and explained how she was getting into the "Starbucks" biz. My first thought was, the logo is dope (I'm into design, and branding big time btw) but never put the name and address (St. James) together. But now, months later, after seeing the location and the vibe inside, it all makes so much sense. I'm sure "Frankie" would approve...and hang out there. Look to join us Thurs, May 1st for the next edition of "the Class Reunion" w/ Game Rebellion (band) vs (brand) Coup d'Etat BK! hosted by yours truely, the Minority Report w/ Nicole James, Kiser and YUME.

Frank White

936 Atlantic ave. btwn St. James & Washington Ave.
Open 8am-4pm Sun. 9am-5pm
Special Event hrs. may vary


Sallomazing! said...

ahem!!! time please!

Brought to you by the Letter "M" said...

Oh my bad the "Special Event" which is the Class Reunion is from 9pm-1am
my friends..oops.

"Come Follow Me Into The Matrix"