Monday, April 14, 2008

"No One Is An Island"-Food For Thought

Kinda hard to do restaurant reviews when all you've been eating lately is Kennedy Fried Chicken Combos (lol). However this past weekend, while attempting to attend the "Target First Saturdays" event (worst one EVER) at the Brooklyn Museum. Due to the overcrowding and extreme tropical indoor heating inside, my newly "Brooklynized"Japanese friends and I decided to abort mission and feed our talkative stomachs at a nearby local Jamaican eatery, called the Islands. First of all, do not go with a watch. Time management is NOT on the menu. Add the wait for a table, times the wait for the waiter & food, and that's about the length of travel time TO Jamacia mon! Once sitted, too close for comfort to the restroom, the former NBA player turned Jamacian restaurant waiter, came (ducking) upstairs to take our order. Keep in mind the upstairs dining area has sitting for only 15 ppl (tops) and the ceiling is 6'5" but the waiters '6'9" so that's a wild look in itself. BYOB is the policy in this spot, so liks was flowing everyway. our neighboring table even donated a bottle (or four) to us...SWEET! At long last once your food finally arrives, the loud drunk customer next to you, the towering waiter, the wait, all are long forgotten. Your mouth goes on vacation down to "the Yard." Halfway through even my Japanese bredrens started speaking with a Yard accent! Bumba clot! I swear you'll walk into every West Indian spot that you've ever ordered a meal from and slap the cook, for selling you bootleg Jamacian dishes. Yes, that how good the food lie.
The Islands
803 Washington Ave. (near Eastern Pkwy.)
Brooklyn, NY

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