Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"It's All Thurgood In the Hood"-Fishburne On B'way

Hey, great actor Laurence Fishburne (Tony winner & Oscar nom), would like for me to inform you good folks that read the Minority Report that one, he has taken full claim to all the illegitimate African children he's fathered. And two, he's currently starring in the staged biographical story of Thurgood Marshall. Who is that you say?
Why Mr. Marshall was the grandson of a slave who later became our first Supreme Court Justice of African-American descent. However this is not a black race story, it is a human race story. That is very relatible to our times now. It will be playing for a short time at the Booth Theater, so support the arts. And refrain from yelling out "Morpheus!!!" in the audience PLEASE! That joke is old now.

Laurence Fishburne plays
Booth Theatre

222 West 45th Street (Betwn B'way and 8th)

Upcoming week's performances
Tue.Apr.22 8:00PM
Wed.Apr.23 2:00PM
Wed.Apr.23 8:00PM
Thu.Apr.24 8:00PM
Fri.Apr.25 8:00PM
Sat.Apr.26 2:00PM
Sat.Apr.26 8:00PM
Sun.Apr.27 3:00PM

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