Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Ring Ring Ha Ha"-Prank Calls

It's S.O.S. for AT&T! Verizon, you're going down! And Sprint, you'll be "run" outta town by sundown! News is that the two largest North American gas companies, Mobil and Shell, are trying to cut in on the booming cell phone biz and "pump" up the competitive market. The two conglomerates have joined forces to start producing their own line of multi-tasking phones. And you don't have to guess hard the ingenious name they've decided on..."the Mobil Shell phone." Early reports say that the flip phone will resemble the clam'ed shaped logo of Shell and the blue hue color way (with a dash of red) of the Mobil logo. "Fill'er up cards" is the confirmed name for pay-as-you-go subscribers to the new phones. "Diesel, Unleaded, and Regular" are also names being tossed around for monthly plans. I can just hear Funkmaster Flex shouting the ads "Don't get GASSED!" Hahahaha
April's Fool folks enjoy it with your favorite fool.

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