Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Brooooklllynn Ballin'"-Kanye hosts Brooklyn Ball in the Brooklyn Museum

Now I predicted this was gonna happen...I was just hoping it was gonna happen the day that I was attending. DAMN! Anyway, this Thurs. at the Brooklyn Museum of Arts, round my old stomping grounds on Eastern Parkway (famous for the yearly Labor Day parade) they'll be hosting a sold-out private affair for the pre-pre-opening for Saturday's big exhibit feat. famed Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Noted for his recent work with luxury brand Louis Vuitton and Mr. (Kanye) West "Graduation" CD cover art.
I still have my fingers crossed that he'll do a cameo at the dinner reception on Fri. I'll be attending (so I can take pics...all for you of course). I'm now working on getting a management contact to invite the "West entourage" to stop through to "the Class Reunion" (at Scopello's) afterwards, just to WOW folks the eff out. Plus I'm sure he'll be using the name ("the Class Reunion") for a future CD title...So it's only right. Right?

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