Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Just A Thought"-Who Let the Cats Out?

Quick question, when do you become TOO old to rock Baby Phat? Ladies..I mean come on now, REALLY! If you come out to an event of prestige, that caters to style wearing clothes with that "stray cat logo" on the back, then YOU'RE the stray cat. Seriously, just think for a minute. If it were say umm, "Adult Phat" honestly, would you still be proudly wearing it asking me for drinks? Hmmm? Do you think Kimora wears that shit to events she attends? And no, I'm not hating. Well maybe I am..those DAMN clothes! Lol. Please when you get a moment, round up all the "Phat Cats" around and in your closet, call the ASPCA (or Animal Control) and give them a good home. Say, cousin Shay Shay or Reba down south.
-Just A Thought

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