Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"From the Root-er to the Tooter"-the Roots Listening Party Reveiw

Did I tell you about the Roots listening party I was "invited" to? No? Oh, my bad, it's probably cause I never got even near the door to the spot it was held at (lol). Man listen, it was all "fiasco but no Lupe" brother! I showed up at lil' late (about a half an hr.) due to the fact that I was hoping to avoid the "beginner's rush" 7:30 start up time listed on the invite. No sir, that was a dead issue cause upon walking up to the address they give, you woulda thought that there was a FREE Playstation 4 giveaway going down...with a iPhone to boot. My only thought was "I hope folks line up like this to vote for Obama." Peep the madness (meaning, the only two pics) that was going on below.

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