Friday, April 18, 2008

"Honey So Sweet"-Never Too Old To Celebrate A B'day Too Late.

God, I love a GOOD house party! Especially when it's with GREAT people. When I was a "shy guy" I ain't dig 'em too tough (for obvious reasons) but now I'm quite comfy around folks whom I may not know. Anyway enough about me, this was Ms. Honey LaRochelle's much belated birthday party her dearest friends popped off, due to her conflicting tour schedule with her real one. In the last pic you see down bottom, she'd holding a flier for a late night "crave" show, she's singing at the legendary Blue Note (I post the actual flier so you can read it better lol). It's ONLY $8 bucks kids! If you've NEVER been to the "Note" jump on it tomorrow ya'll!

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