Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Momma Don't Preach!" -New Roomate in Town, I'm in Double Deep

Sheesh, Momma Minority is coming to stay with me in May for TWO whole weeks (!), so let me give you ladies a fair warning . First off, when you're leaving in the wee hours of the morning, tell the car service to CALL you (phone on vibrate) once they're downstairs. NOT the usual horn-beeping method like before. Also DO NOT put your heels on till you've reached the BOTTOM of the stairs. All that click clack, galloping in them stilettos, will wake a dead person. She a very light sleeper, and I'm certain they'll ruffle the ol' birds feathers. If she not already awoke, from your muffled screaming for Jesus, and all his disciples. See, I WOULD (as in possible maybe) invite you to stay for breakfast, but "Mommie Dearest" hates the smell of drunk hoochie in the morning. She's just funny like that, you understand right? We still cool though right?

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