Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Flashing Lights"- Paparazzi Pics (Pt.28)

Let me be perfectly honest with you, I had a TERRIBLE time at the Soul Slam XI (MJ vs Prince) event...taking pictures that is (lol)! I was too too busy having FUN to even be focused on shooting flicks. This was a tough one my friends, I wanted to bring back fun capture on film, but EVERYWHERE was packed top to bottom RAMMED! Besides, I hadn't heard DJ Spinna in a minute AND I'm a Prince fan too! Damn! As I was walking in, "The Abstract One" (Q-Tip) walked over (...to me mind you), and said "What's good? It's NUTS in there!" I've known him forever, but it was a good look as an opening line later w/the ladies. Kudos to KeiStar Productions man, that idea was ingenious! Both artists music transcends, every age and race demographics, so that what the crowd was like. Very mixed, yet very together. Can't wait till the next one man. Better yet, we're (the Minority Report & KeiStar) diligently working on a top hush hush event to bring to BK! You'll be the first to know, when we make that happen. But for now enjoy what little pictures I did take. Once again sorry, though I regret absolutely NOTHING!

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