Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"On Another Note"- Little Dragon

There's is absolutely NOTHING more thrilling to me other than discovering a new love than discovering new music! Mentally and physically, my body is tune like a short wave antenna to hone in on GOOD music. It's like fallin' in love and your heart starts to race, simply from the sound of that persons voice. The reason I say this is cause, last Sunday, after the Brooklyn Flea, a friend of mine was playing a CD she "mixed" in the car on our way to SEA. One tune had struck me HARD, so of course as any good blogger would do, I did the research. Janelle Monae...DOPE, heaVy...LOVE you guys! But Little Dragon is that other NEW ish! Hailing from all places, Sweden (?) With a lead singer who's of all things, Japanese and White (!), their "Soul" is without question Black. As George Lucas made a point of showing us that the "Force" is not monopolized by humans only, "Soul" is not by one race, or country for that matter. Ear check for "No Love", "Wink", "Constant Surprises", and the deep boding "Twice", definitely iPod worthy. I have personal taken on the task of working as a future stylist and American PR rep for this group, they may not be aware of it yet (lol). Can't wait for Erykah's next one, or Amy's pushed back release? Then add a "Little Dragon" to yo life.
(*BTW, I'm not too keen on the name, but hey, whatever works bro) Dragon

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