Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"No Junk In My Trunk (Show)"- Brooklyn Keeps On Trunkin'

Fate is a funny thing. Peep it I walk into Not Just Vintage boutique (a vintage spot in BK you MUST check out) to chat it up & check on my friend/ the owner Maya. While in there we start conversing with a gentleman casually shopping. He explains how he does trunk shows for indy designers and wants me to past the info on to you (you lucky bastards, you). If you do decide to attend notify him that, you heard the good word from "the M Report", and that I wants my money sucker! Lol! Info time;
Independent Designer Trunk Show
Saturday, May 3rd
388 Atlantic from 8pm-11:30pm.
There will be a drinks, food, and a DJ.

Designers include...
Carina Cid /Black Rabbit NYC

Micheal Bemmel
/Close Up Clothing

Jacob Gushue /
Project TransAction

Megan Nugent/

Gina Mauro / Think

Lisa Galinske
/ Born in Eighty one

Jennifer Yi /
Jennifer Yi

The first twenty-five people who attend will recieve a wonderful gift bag.
Do ya research:,,

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Gina Mauro Art said...

wow! thanks for the write up! i hope a lot of people can make it to our event on Saturday.

My line is called thimk.designs and my link is

thanks again,
gina mauro

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